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We have served and continue to serve noble clients like Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College, Agha Khan University Hospital, and Bahria Town Karachi with our superior quality supplies. Acumen Supplies always welcomes new clients who seek unrivaled service and premium products.

Agha Khan

University Hospital

Acumen Supplies is proud to be a trusted partner of Agha Khan University Hospital delivering quality medical supplies. Agha Khan University Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in Pakistan, renowned for its exceptional patient care and medical expertise. As a reliable wholesale supplier, we have served and continue to serve Agha Khan University Hospital to meet their unique needs.

From surgical tools to medical uniforms to cleaning chemicals we delivered quality products at affordable pricing to elite Agha Khan University Hospital. Our year by year renewal of contract as wholesale supplier with Agha Khan University Hospital is proof of our commitment to high quality products. We understand the importance of reliable supplies in ensuring patient safety. That’s why we work tirelessly to source the best medical products from reputable manufacturers and deliver them with exemplary products  to our clients like Agha Khan University Hospital.

Port Qasim Electric Power Company

Power China

Acumen Supplies is proud to be a collaborator with Power China, offering custom made suits especially designed to meet the remarkable needs of your esteemed organizations. Power China is evidence for the close relation of inventiveness and superpresence in the infrastructure building industry, that is a constant search for projects which bring the future to life. In partnership with Acumen Supplies, their objective is professional suiting lifecycle and that is done with bespoke solutions crafted with customization and excellence.
Acumen Supplies is proud to have the capacity to change and innovate and furthermore guarantee that all equipment related to power China to match and really surpass the most challenging standards of operating in exceptionally unstable and everyday changing work environment. This sublimity proves in our partners one follow-up, a symbol of equal respect and happiness shared in the organizations. Our custom suiting solution is essential to Power China’s team, as they are crucial moments starting from boardroom meetings to site visits. We fully comprehend the significance of garments which not only fit properly but also make a statement of the people’s values and allegiance to Power China. Together, we forge ahead, equipped with attire that reflects the calibre and commitment synonymous with Power China’s illustrious legacy.

Fazaia Ruth Pfau

Medical College

Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College is a prestigious medical institution that provides quality and practical education to aspiring medical professionals. From surgical tools to safety gloves to lab coats and more, Acumen Supplies has served and continues to serve Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College as their trusted provider of general supplies.

At Acumen Supplies, we understand the importance of having reliable supplies, and we take pride in providing only the best to ensure the success of medical professionals and the health of their patients.. We are committed to providing exceptional service and products that meet the ever-changing needs of the medical industry. Our team of experts is always ready to assist in finding the right supplies and equipment to suit the unique requirements of Fazaia Ruth Pfau Medical College, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.


Bahria Town

Bahria Town Karachi is one of the largest privately owned real estate development projects in Pakistan. Acumen Supplies is proud to serve Bahria Town Karachi with a variety of office supplies to technology supplies to industrial supplies to meet the diverse needs of this esteemed community. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a loyal partnership with Bahria Town.

As a reliable wholesale supplier, Acumen Supplies knows the importance of supplying high-quality products to our clients. We are honored to serve Bahria Town Karachi, a premier housing society in Pakistan.


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